Doe Mountain

Summary:  This hike circles around the top of Doe Mountain

Challenge Level:  Moderate

Hiking Distance:  About 2.6 miles round trip

Elevation Gain:  Approximately 500 feet

Trailhead Directions:  From the "Y" roundabout (the intersection of State Route 89A and State Route 179), drive west toward Cottonwood on SR 89A about 3 miles. Turn right on Dry Creek Road. Stay on Dry Creek Road about 3 miles to the end and a stop sign. Turn left on Boynton Pass Road and proceed about 1 1/2 miles to a stop sign. Turn left, continuing on Boynton Pass Road. The trailhead is the second trailhead on the left side, about 1 3/4 miles from the stop sign. The parking area serves the Doe Mountain and Bear Mountain hikes.

Description:  The hike is somewhat steep to get to the top of Doe Mountain. You’ll be hiking up switchbacks. As you approach the top, you’ll be passing through a narrow slot in the rocks, pay attention to where you came up by observing your location relative to the parking lot some 400 feet below. It can be hard to find the way back down as you hike around Doe Mountain for the great views.

There are two ways to hike around Doe Mountain. The preferred way is to proceed straight across to the southern side of Doe Mountain and then proceed in a clockwise direction around and back to the trail down. The other way is to go to the left and skirt the outer edge of the mountain. There isn't a defined trail this way and you'll be bushwhacking a great deal of the time and possibly damaging the crust of the mountain. Make sure you are wearing hiking boots to protect your ankles form the cactus you’ll be stepping over. We attempted to fly some kites on our April 2011 hike. Here's a link to a the video of that hike ( And here's a link to our October 2014 hike (



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Here are photos from our November 2008 hike:

Here are photos from our April 2011 hike:


Here are photos from our February 2012 hike:


Guest Photos:

Here are some photos taken by Rich Jones  

Here are some photos taken by Darryl Thompson   

Here are some photos taken by David Butler     

Here are photos taken by Lou Camp  


For those of you who have a GPS unit, I have GPS data available for the hike which include "tracks," the route and waypoints.  

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