Mitten Ridge Hike (Now Named Hangover Trail)

NOTE: The following summary information is to help with hike selection and is not intended to be used for hiking the trail. For your safety and enjoyment, please obtain a copy of Great Sedona Hikes hiking guide available HERE.

Summary:  A hike along the base of Mitten Ridge

Challenge Level:  Moderate (and be sure you have hiking boots with good traction)

Hiking Distance:  About 2 miles each way, 4 miles round trip

Trailhead Location:  The parking area is located on Schnebly Hill Road. Schnebly Hill is paved for the first mile and the road beyond can be a very rough unpaved road. The trail begins across the road.

Description:  You'll be hiking the Cow Pies Trail for the first 0.3 miles. Instead of turning left to go to Cow Pies, continue straight to the base of Mitten Ridge. The trail is partially marked by foot traffic but you'll have to keep your eyes open to follow the trail in some parts. Also, the trail is very narrow and steep in places with steep drop offs. When you arrive at the saddle, you'll have a nice view of Midgley Bridge and Wilson Mountain in the distance.



Click on the photos below for a bigger view



Guest Photos:

Here are photos taken by Lou Camp on our March 2011 hike 

Here's a photo taken by Lou camp showing Wilson Mountain from Mitten Ridge  


For those of you who have a GPS unit, I have GPS data available for the hike which include "tracks," the route and waypoints.  

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