West Fork

NOTE: The following summary information is to help with hike selection and is not intended to be used for hiking the trail. For your safety and enjoyment, please obtain a copy of Great Sedona Hikes hiking guide available HERE.

Summary:  A wonderful, picturesque hike along a flowing creek

Challenge Level:  Moderate

Hiking Distance:  About 5 - 7.2 miles round trip, depending how far you decide to hike

Trailhead Location:  The parking area is 10+ miles north of Sedona off of SR 89A. The trail starts on the far side of the parking area, furthest away from the entrance.

Description:  The West Fork hike is one of our favorites. You'll pay $10 to park here. You'll be crossing the water about a dozen times (actually a total of 13 times if you hike to the end where you need to wade in the creek to continue, some 3.6 miles in from the parking area) as you hike the trail. You have to step from stone to stone to cross, so the hike isn't recommended in high water times (you'll get your feet wet!!). Because of the presence of water, there are many trees along the trail. If you decide to continue beyond the 3.6 mile mark, see the photos below in the section entitled, "Beyond the End."

West Fork has two wonderful seasons, Spring and Fall. Here's a link to a typical Spring hike (

The most beautiful season is Fall, when the trees display glorious colors. The third week in October seems to be when the colors are at their peak. Here's a link to a video of one of our fall hikes ( 


Click on the photos below for a bigger view

West Fork Fall Hikes

(October 2004)

(October 2005)

(October 2007)

West Fork Spring Hikes

(April 2004)


(April 2008)

(May 2013)



Guest Photos:

Here are two photos by Christopher Dillingham. See additional photos at this link: 

Here are some photos taken by David Butler in October 2005 

Here are some photos taken by Lou Camp in October 2006   

Here are photos taken by David Butler on our October 2009 hike  

And photos by Lou Camp on our October 2009 hike  

And photos by Lou Camp on our May 2010 hike   

Beyond the End:

These photos, taken by Mark Watson, show what lies beyond the the 3.8 mile point where you need to wade to continue   


For those of you who have a GPS unit, I have GPS data available for the hike which include "tracks," the route and waypoints.  

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